Queen Elizabeth II GEDCOM Download

Download Queen Elizabeth II’s family tree using our Gedcom file!

The fun part for many tracing their family tree is being able to link into a royal or famous lineage. We are happy to assist your endeavours by making available a free download of Queen Elizabeth II’s ancestors. Find your British and European heritage.

The gedcom file contains over 4500 ancestors of Queen Elizabeth II. It includes over 2800 families and 155 generations of grand parents.

PLEASE do not treat the information in this genealogy as authoritative. It is based on the best geneology information we have been able to access including myth , legend and sagas. Feel free to use the .ged file for hints, and to assist your research. You can use your own family tree program, and even expand upon them.

Download the British Royal family tree by clicking  here. (2.44 MB .ged)