From King to Convict

Kennedy Murray FamilyWilliam the Conqueror’s nineteen-times-great-grandson was a convict by the name of Kennedy Murray. Kennedy’s crime was shopbreaking & theft from a travelling saleman. He stole  six knives, a pair of striped garters and some knittings with a pair of plated buckles. Kennedy was convicted at Glasgow Court of Justiciary for which he received 14 years in 1790 . It doesn’t take many generations to go from grace to disgrace!

He travelled with 402 other convicts on the ship called the Pitt, departing in June, 1791 and arrived in Sydney Cove, New South Wales, Australia on 14th February, 1792 .

He married Anne White, circa 1796 at Norfolk Island, Australia. They had two children before Murray left the island for Tasmania in 1805. By 1809 he was back in New South Wales and had been granted 30 acres of land on the Nepean River.  One of Kennedy’s children, Elizabeth, married James Lucas, son of First Fleet convicts Nathaniel Lucas and Olivia Gascoigne.

In 1814 Kennedy Murray was living in a common law marriage with Ann Parker.

He was born about 1764, christened on the 24th of August 1771 in Dundonald, Ary Scotland and died on 18 June 1853  in Tasmania.

A family tree from William the Conqueror to Kennedy Murray is below:

1 – William I the Conqueror  King of England + Matilda of Flanders
  2 – Henry I Beauclerc  King of England + Matilda (Edith) of Scotland
    3 – Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester (Robert Rufus, Robert de Caen, Robert Consul[) Fitzroy + Mabel FitzRobert, Countess of Gloucester
      4 – Maud of Gloucester, Countess of Chester also known as Maud FitzRobert + Ranulf de Gernon, 4th Earl of Chester
        5 – Hugh (de) KEVELIOC + Bertrade (de) MONTFORT
          6 – Matilda of Chester, Countess of Huntingdon + David of Huntingdon  Earl
            7 – Isobel (Isabella)  + Robert de Brus, 4th Lord of Annandale
              8 – Robert de Brus, 5th Lord of Annandale  + Lady Isabella de Clare
                9 – Robert de Brus, 6th Lord of Annandale  + Margaret (Countess) of CARRICK
                  10 – Robert the Bruce Robert I of Scotland  + Isabella of Mar
                    11 – Margery Bruce + Walter Stewart
                      12 – Robert II  King of Scotland + Euphemia (of ROSS) LESLIE ROSS
                        13 – Egidia (Princess)  STEWART + William (Knight; of Nithsdale)  DOUGLAS
                          14 – Egidia (Jill) DOUGLAS (Algidia (Heiress) `Fair Maid’ of NITHSDALE0  + Henry II SINCLAIR (ST. CLAIR) 2nd Earl of ORKNEY
                            15 – William (3rd Earl of ORKNEY; Earl of Caithness; 1st Lord SINCLAIR; Chancellor; (Elizabeth’s 3rd husband)) SINCLAIR (ST. CLAIR) + Marjorie (Mary) SUTHERLAND
                              16 – Eleanor (Lady) SINCLAIR (ST. CLAIR) + John (of BALVENY) STEWART 1st Earl of ATHOLL
                                17 – Marjory (Lady) STEWART + Colin (Sir) CAMPBELL
                                  18 – Colin (Sir) CAMPBELL + Katherine RUTHVEN
                                    19 – Duncan `Black Duncan’ (Sir) CAMPBELL + Elizabeth SINCLAIR
                                      20 – Lady Jean , Duchess of Atholll Campbel + Sir John , 1st Duke of Atholl MURRAY
                                        21 – John  1st Marquisof Atholl sheriff of Fife KT MURRAY + Lady Amelia Anne Sophia Stanley
                                          22 – John (1st Duke of ATHOLL) MURRAY + Catherine (Lady) DOUGLAS-HAMILTON
                                            23 – Anna Susan (Lady) MURRAY + William  (2nd Earl of Aberdeen) GORDON
                                          22 – Charles, 1st Earl of Dunmore MURRAY + Catherine Watts
                                            23 – William MURRAY + Catherine Nairne
                                              24 – John MURRAY + Elizabeth Calder
                                                25 – Kennedy MURRAY + Anne WHITE

Other interesting genealogy of Kennedy Murray include the following possibilities:

  • Queen Elizabeth II is Kennedy’s sixth cousin, five times removed.
  • Prince William, Duke of Cambridge  is Kennedy’s third cousin, eight times removed.
  • Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge is Kennedy’s ninth cousin, six times removed.
  • Robert the Bruce, Robert I of Scotland is Kennedy’s thirteen-times-great-grandfather.
  • Napoleon (Bounaparte )I  of France is Kennedy’s eighteenth cousin.
  • Boadicea, Queen of Icenians, is Kennedy’s forty-six-times-great-grandmother.
  • Ragnar "Lodbrock” Halfdansson of Uppsala is Kennedy’s twenty-seven-times-great-grandfather.
  • Cleopatra VII (Queen) of Egypt is Kennedy’s fifty-two-times-great-grandmother.
  • Nathaniel Lucas (from the First Fleet) is Kennedy’s twentieth cousin, three times removed.
  • John FitzGerald Kennedy is Kennedy’s tenth cousin, four times removed.
  • Barack Obama is Kennedy’s twelfth cousin, eight times removed.