Genealogist: Australian Family Tree Researcher

Are you interested in genealogy and finding your ancestors? Want to make your family tree  something for generations to come to treasure? Don’t have the time or resources to do your own research and build your family genealogy? Have you completed a part of your family tree and are seeking professional help to go further back in time?

I have over 20 years experience in uncovering one’s forebears.  Coming from a scientific medical background I combine a methodical and logical approach with in-depth investigative methodology.  I believe good genealogy is both a question of experience and possession of a certain type of logical mind for researching available databases and historical records. Record-searching is a question of expertise, attention to detail and thoroughness.

Based in Australia, I specialise in British/European/Australian on-line research and have a proven record  of demonstrating effective research skills. One family tree I have uncovered for a client consists of over 10000 ancestors, many of which are members of European royal families!

Other Genealogists usually charge by the hour with no guarantee of outcome. There are no guarantees with genealogy. This is where I differ! I enjoy researching family trees – it’s a passion not a job. Let me trace your ancestry back in time for a reasonable cost.

Don’t pay thousands of dollars for little or no results!

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