Genealogist: Research Project Fees

For a nominal family tree project start up cost, I’ll start the genealogical research with the information you provide.


You can choose the following projects:


Project 1: Single line. The genealogical research of one parental line, i.e. one of your four grandparents’ lines.  Start up Project Fee $30 AUD.  Project expires 6 months from receipt of start up project fee.

Project 2: Maternal OR Paternal line. The genealogical research of either your Paternal or Maternal Grandparents. Start up Project Fee $40 AUD.  Project expires 8 months from receipt of start up project fee.

Project 3: Family Tree. The genealogical research of both your Paternal and Maternal lines – therefore researching all four grandparents; giving your a completed family tree.  Start up Project Fee $50 AUD. Project expires 12 months from receipt of start up project fee.

Thereafter, I’ll charge ONLY $30 AUD per Ancestor uncovered regardless of the time spent performing the research! i.e If 4 further ancestors in your family tree are found, then the charge will be $120 AUD. If I find no ancestors, then there are no further costs.  If I find any ancestors/possible ancestors born before 1000 AD, then I’ll include them at no cost!

We’ll email regular updates and keep you informed every step of the way.  Keep in mind, genealogy research can take time, so please be patient. Historically, it can take months to go back a number of generations, if the ancestors can be found in current databases/historical records.

You choose when to pay for each ancestors details I find. After payment I will release the research details found. i.e. If I find 5 ancestors, but you only want to pay for 3, then you only pay $90 now to release these 3 ancestors details. You can of course pay at ay time for any more or all ancestors as your ancestral past is discovered. This way you are completely in control of costs incurred and the building of your family tree. Documents, photos, records etc that are digitisable and downloadable  are also included as part of the fee and these will be emailed with one Gedcom file on expiration of the project chosen.

The Start up Project Fee is not refundable regardless of the number of ancestors found or not. This fee covers initial costs I incur in starting your project and for one Gedcom file containing all data about your family tree; names, dates, places, notes, sources, etc sent when you wish to cease further research or the project chosen has expired. Your Projects research can be ceased at any time just by sending us an email requesting such. The Gedcom file forwarded can then be uploaded to your own Genealogical Software Program, or uploaded to on-line genealogy or ancestry sites.  Once you have this you can add your own future research findings, you can upload photos, share it with family, etc.  You can then print your family tree however you like saving you further expense. If any documents, photos, records etc found that are  digitisable and downloadable will also included as part of the fee and these will be emailed with the Gedcom file.

This is far cheaper than a subscription service to a data base or paying hourly rates!

NOT included:
  • Specialist documents such as those that incur an extra cost when ordering them, e.g. Birth/death/marriage certificates, Military service records etc

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